Roberto Storace : voice,6 &12 strings guitar, bouzouki, 5strings banjo, acoustic bass,

                                Keyboards , harmonica. Composer and arranger. Webmaster.

  Gianni Senes         fiddle .   (1961- 2005 ) 

  Marina Giribaldi   :  flute ,tin whistle .

  Raffaella Bergonzi : bodhran .


Mistral originated from an idea by Roberto Storace in Autumn 1996 , few months after the positive experience he shared with   Irish Pub , a great number of concert given in Italy and the first four unforgettable journeys to Ireland and Scotland. From the beginning the distinguishing feature of Mistral is that of being an open group : throughout the years many changes have taken place in the group line - up ,but always around the central figure of Roberto who has kept constant the stylistic code .

Roberto Storace   He has been on the musical scene since 1977, founding several bands of west-coast , country- rock , irish music, first in Torino,then in Savona . He alternatively plays either on his own or with Mistral or with other different groups , in several  hundreds of concerts.  In 1989 he gets in touch with the Celtic culture and music , which he personally deepens travelling often to Ireland , Scotland , Shetlands & Orkneys Islands , Brittany ,Galicia , Asturias , taking part in many live sessions with local musicians .

Gianni Senes (1961 2005 )   He starts his career as a self taught classical guitarist when hes still a boy, later on he has the opportunity of deepening the study of his instrument .When he discovers the Celtic music he starts to play and study violin and to cooperate with Roberto. He joins Mistral in 1997 for a whole year and after other musical experiences he comes back in 2002. He not only performs as a fiddler and as a guitarist but he also teaches classical guitar in various courses.

On February 24 th 2005 , John left us after a strong fight against a terrible disease. Well always remember and love you , my dear friend . 

Marina Giribaldi  She starts as a young girl to study and to play the flute in the city bands in Imperia and Diano Marina, then she attends classical courses at the high school of music in Savona .She takes her Diploma in flute at the Music Academy " G. DAnnunzio " in Pescara .In 2001 she visits Ireland for the first time, taking part in some sessions, perfecting her style on the tin whistle .                                                        In January 2002 she joins  Mistral .

Raffella Bergonzi  She plays bodhran in some tunes and often shows to the audience how to dance jigs and reels.

On february 2007 Roberto Storace won an important national  contest - NOKIA FOR MUSIC CONTEST with his tune KING'S JIG , interely composed , arranged , played and recorded by himself.


1997 - MISTRAL ( Mistral )                                       2000 - UNDER A CELTIC MOON    ( Mistral )

2000 - CELTICA ( compilation )                                 2001 - THE SWEET IRISH LADY  ( R. Storace )       

2001 - TEN STRINGS  ( Roberto Storace & Luca Pesenti )

2002 - BEST OF MISTRAL (Mistral )                           2003 - CELTICA ( compilation )                   

2005  - LIKE WORDS IN THE WIND (Mistral )             2007 - NOKIA FOR MUSIC CONTEST  ( compilation )